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Part 1

As I approach my 3rd week with a missing car and with the 3rd instalment of the Transporter series just starting on sky movies; on this Sunday eve with the birds tweeting in my carless garden I can’t help but reminisce about my automotive journey.
Picture the year - 1986; or was it 1987, perhaps it was 1988; either way, it was the 80’s and for my Dad, times were lucrative and so for my first car I remember him chucking me a pile of car brochures to look though, the ones that have glossy pages and a philosophy behind their logo: However, as the inland revenue / interpol caught up with my Dad I remember my choice being restricted to a red fiat uno. But nevertheless it was my first car and I adored it and instantly started some customisations, or ‘pimped’ it, for any young ones out there. With limited funds, my pimpings included a suction mounted compass, an old Alba speaker used as a mock centre console and one of those American style cans without the removable ring pull, (as a talking point, should anyone enter)

Several carefree months past by but soon the car became temperamental, refusing to start or move in any direction until one day I decided to trade it in for something more reliable, so took it to a local garage.
The car salesman shook my hand and called me Sir, he offered me a warm beverage and once I convinced him I wasn’t Mr. Jones senior, offered me finance on a car. My only stipulation was not to leave with another fiat uno. So as I left the garage with my new fiat uno I suspected I’d one day return under similar circumstances; two years later I did.
At the same garage and about to purchase my third fiat uno; but this time in black with a sunroof I was stopped at the eleventh hour by my caring mother who threatened to put me in an institute if I bought another, ‘shit box’ (as she put it).

And so chance lead me to my first proper car; a red Rover Metro 1.4si; and what a car it was. Bonnet vents, side piping, rear spoiler, tyres which read ‘Dunlop sport’ instead of ‘gola budget’ and a sunroof. The seats were plush and comfortable, the steering wheel was leather, it had a clock, a lighter socket and a rev counter and I used to wash, wax and Mr. Sheen it on a Saturday afternoon after work under the watchful eye of my dog lounging under the carport. Usually the local nut job would walk by and say, “what’s your dog called ?” several times. To which I’d reply, “It’s a Rover and thanks for asking”. To say the least, times were slightly above avarage.
Inside, it needed no modification to jazz it up and I only had to fill the centre console / 8 space cassette holder with some classic tapes of the era.
my choices were as follows :-

1, The soundtrack to the Lost Boys
2, Toy Soldiers by Martika
3, The Dick Tracy soundtrack by Madonna
4&5, Now That’s What I Call Music 7 (reboxed due to storage conflicts)
6, The Return of Bruno by Bruce Willis
7, Voyage, Voyage, cassette single by Desireless
8, Stevie Wonder in Square Circle

I was happy; but little did I know things were about to change.
To be continued -

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Comment By: Zaffar, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 0/5

We deintfiely need more smart people like you around.
Comment By: Phutry, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 0/5

J8r9PQ Really enjoyed this article. Much obliged.
Comment By: matzcrorkz, 06 Aug 2014, Rating: 4/5

Rover=free motoring
Comment By: muttongeoff, 17 May 2010, Rating: 3/5

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