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Could This Be The End ?

About a year ago I was sat in my garden burning short stories I had written so Ďthe maní, couldnít get his nefarious hands on Ďem. It all stemmed from my schooldays when an English literature teacher Mz. Thomas stole my assignment, which happened to be the script for Predator 2, went to Hollywood and was never seen from again. She also stole my old palís story entitled ĎTerminal Velocity with Charles Sheení; but he never recovered from been ripped off and currently lives at the river bank in a hollow tree stump and shouts, ĎSnausagesí at passers by.

Then quite by accident I discovered this very site. I liked it so much I started leaving little messages and reviews. Then quite unexpectedly one day rather than been chased out with pitch forks and torches, these good people opened a door and said, ďcome on inĒ, and they didnít even make me take my shoes off.

Over the next year life changed considerably; I finally finished watching the extras disc from the lord of the rings and I was elevated to massive stardom beyond my wildest dreams; well at least in my house. I even have my own fridge magnets and whenever I visit a fridge; leave one. (Yes, I carry them around like business cards)
Iíve written things and posted them on-line in the early hours of the morning, made images to suit them, found humour in things that used to annoy me, watched films and chatted on-line through the best part of the night with friends at the other end of the country and socialise regularly through the twitter in the avatar of (gadgetfingers). Itís all been great.

As my life so far has more or less revolved around films and t.v. and a handful of memorable actors and personalities, I often refer to or write through them to hopefully keep their foibles or eccentricities alive.
However, over thinking the recent scandal within the walls of Hobo Bonobo have left me thinking of how much of this would be censored if it was up to, Ďthe maní.
Where as anything that truly is unjust and offensive probably should be moderated I think often the things I hear suppressed in the media these days are tantamount to a bureaucratic book burning, where as the true evils of economy, politics, corruption and the cost of a human life are largely overlooked.

But as Hobo Bonobo Iím sure brings only laughter to the / my world; and if films have taught me nothing itís that goodness prevails; and a literal interpretation means that after many years of world war and destruction the works of this site will be rediscovered from the ashes of the fallen civilisation and classified such as the dead sea scrolls giving shape to a new and better world with itís famous logo stuck over the crosses of churches and the pentagrams of warewolf infested country pubs. Until finally one day as the last few of us depart earth for the stars, the works are taken to a new galaxy and read to the locals who are at first confused because they donít know who Ronnie Corbett is; but will.

Until Next Time . . .

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It's from The Official Barbara Hambly Page an author plisbuhed a book called Homeland on August 25, 2009.a0 The third comment in froma0Kristin who must be psychic since her post was used to comment on
Comment By: Lucas, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 5/5

aXoQHU Very informative article. Much obliged.
Comment By: crorkz, 05 Aug 2014, Rating: 4/5

5qEScc Muchos Gracias for your article post. Fantastic.
Comment By: crorkz matz, 04 Aug 2014, Rating: 4/5

If I, were king, of the forrest!!!!!
Comment By: Ronnie Corbett, 26 Aug 2009, Rating: 5/5

Sorry, but as I previousley twittered, I've got a nasty case of hobbitts foot. I think incurable.
Comment By: lego indiana jones , 25 Aug 2009, Rating: 5/5

I took it as read that you would remove your shoes. Your manners are truly disgusting to me.
Comment By: Dermot, 25 Aug 2009, Rating: 5/5

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