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Ken Loach's Planet of The Apes (Part One)

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Comment By: Najat, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 2/5

Speaking about secrets and lies. Here's a plot for a good English film. It cconerns a so-called political blogger who we shall call Guido. To cut a long story short, he posts a story on Levy which he claims he has read in today's papers. An undercover reporter called spot the liar challenged Guido to provide a link to these newspapers reports. A sock puppet tried to dig Guido out of trouble, by providing a link to a different story in Sunday's Observer. Unfortunately, our undercover reporter hastily went to print and referred to today as being Tuesday when it is Wednesday. Another sock puppet pointed out this mistake which was corrected by jailhouselawyer who was really spot the liar. If nobody has come up with the title yet, perhaps the film can be called Liar, Liar?
Comment By: Zizi, 21 Dec 2012, Rating: 2/5

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