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G'day there cobbers!
I am George Lazenby, erstwhile James Bond look-a-like and Antipodean.
When I am not wining and dining hot babes or fighting Blofeld and his henchmen in his snowy retreat (which I havent done since 1969), I like to think about Dragons.
Telly Savalas used to talk about Dragons all the time, he was obsessed with them, legend has it, he had a tattoo of one on his other bald head, I dont believe it though as I stood next to him when
I was draining my kangaroo and I didn't see anything and I had a right good look as that's what you did in the swinging sixties, you looked at other mens didgeridoos, well, that and banged loads of sheilas with massive bouncing bristols.
I once asked Telly if he was named after the Television, he didnt seem to understand and actually started crying, so I gave him my last welly bird nut, fair dinkum?
I remember a vivid dream I had once, I was training a young prince in the ways of being a knight, but he had a dicky ticker and one day keeled over, so to fix him they gave him half of a dragon's heart and that saved his life bluey, Fair dinkum? Right.
Anyway, long story short, the prince became evil, really evil as well, jeez, what a dag! So, I had to kill the dragon, who was now my best cobber mate bluey and voiced by Sean Connery, who is a jock and not a pomme, to kill the prince. But it was o.k. as the Dragon turned into stars.
Crikey! I did a lot of acid in those days, so sue me!
Anyway, years later, when they made the film Dragonheart I was shocked, they had ripped off me idea mate! Struth!
I was very upset and...Oh, no, hang on, I had that dream after I saw Dragonheart, oh yea, never mind, where's me mighty white?
You know I taught Paul Hogan everything he knows, if it wasnt for me he would still be wiping areses on the gold coast, fair dinkum? Too right!
Anyway, we are all Dragons in a way or something.
Can I have my 20 dollars now, mate?

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