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Ringo here!
I am so pleased to be able to give you the low-down on the locomotives! Trains are great, I love them, I think they're dead gear, cars are dead grotty, deh do doh don't day doh?

When I was asked by The Reverend W. Awdry to do the voice of Thomas the tank engine and friends, I was delighted, as that is dead rock and roll. Injecting heroin might be rock for some people, but voicing a small animated train is where it is at for me, what a rush!

When the Beatles split it looked like I was in trouble, let's be honest, I was hardly going to record any great music, I can't act, and my face looks like it was on fire and put out with a hammer. Luckily, I was allowed to record and sell (yes, sell) albums and do films, so the 70's was pretty good for me.

The 80's however was different - I appeared in Paul's film, which was awful, then I released some bad, bad, bad music. One day I got a phone call asking if I would like to narrate the Thomas. My life changed, I decided to do some real research, just like Al De Niro does. I lived on a train driver for weeks, ate loads of Bacon sandwiches and grew a moustache and big sideburns. You wouldn't believe how much fun it was to actually say, "Thomas pulled into the station"
It was like a dream come true.

These days I live on a train and my wife Barbara puts coal in my boiler. I like it when she gives me a good stoking, it makes me whistle, sometimes I go down to Southampton and Portsmouth as they have lovely stations, I pick up sailors and let them ride inside, they are a rowdy bunch and they usually leave mess everywhere - Barbara was up until 3am getting all the sea men out of my carriage.

Trains are good and I think that we should all travel on the train, some people argue about pollution being a factor about trains, but I say, nonsense, the O Zone layer isn't going anywhere, I've seen American Football.

America has trains, but they are not as good, apart from the one Kevin Kline has in Wild Wild West, that one gave me a chubby.
Love & Peace!

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