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As a dalek, I am often asked "which is the race you would most like subjugate under dalek rule?" To which I reply "None of them because they are all as flawed and worthless as eachother!" And I laugh in my dalek way.
You see, to a dalek, you are all hateful little shits, be you Human, Sontaran, Terrahawk or anything else. What I would really like to do is exterminate you all in your stupid faces and then bomb your respective planets to dust, which I would then eat.

If the cheque for this bounces I'm going to kill you.

Get stuffed.
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I've been told that I resemble Paul Giamatti. I don't see it mylsef, but check out the links below and decide for yourself.I guess if Paul looks like he really REALLY wants a fancy new taillight, then yeah, I do look a bit like that Congrats on three years of epic blogging, that's no small feat!!
Comment By: Open, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 3/5

Be0yW7 I really like and appreciate your blog post. Cool.
Comment By: crorkz matz, 05 Aug 2014, Rating: 4/5

iDzSe3 A round of applause for your blog post.
Comment By: crorkz matz, 04 Aug 2014, Rating: 1/5

I have got to give some serious cstioderanion to this brilliant question before I answer because Ben Franklin is usually my go-to response. Still. As you pointed out The whole dead thing is inconvenient. And yet you've got me thinking, now that I know about the catheters and everything. I'd always been more of an aphorism/almanac admirer (choosing also to ignore his potential venereal diseases).Anyway.How about Snooki, since you mentioned her?You know she wouldn't read the books herself and therefore they'd remain in pristine condition. Plus her spray tan has got to bring with it some preserving agent.It's no Soylent Green or anything. But yeah. I'll say Snooki.Because irony is just about my favorite thing. Ever.
Comment By: Oumar, 04 Oct 2012, Rating: 1/5

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The opinions expressed on are not those of anyone, particularly not the people to whom they have been accredited.
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